Bakoon International Brand Story

Bakoon International Brand Story – "Monthly Audio" Magazine. October 2016.

Bakoon International Rises
 Bakoon is no longer an unfamiliar name in this industry. Until now, the products mainly introduced in Korea were Japanese Bakoon Products’ line-ups. However, it was Bakoon International’s products that were being celebrated around the world. In keeping with the name, Bakoon International has been industrious in the overseas market. The company is now unveiling the new AMP-51R amplifier, along with a full blown march for the Korean domestic market. Ready to spread its wings and rise, Bakoon International has brought about a new sound and design built on the SATRI Circuit artistry.

Bakoon’s Ambition, Bakoon International
 Bakoon International was established in 2009, and the goal was clear and simple. It was to develop high-end audio products based on Bakoon Products Japan’s core technology, SATRI Circuit, that would sweep over the international market. Bakoon International’s managing director Soo In Chae was a long time passionate audiophile himself. Stumbling upon Bakoon Products, he was moved in a way he had never experienced from other audio products. Inspired; with his background in industrial engineering, he decided to dive into the possibility of developing a new type of audio product.
Bakoon Brand Story 1
<Bakoon International's First Exhibition Together with Bakoon Japan at Eyear Show 2009, Seoul, Korea.>

 The core of the experience and possibility was the SATRI Circuit, that was developed by the head of Bakoon Products’ Akira Nagai. When Soo In Chae reached out to develop a new product based on the company’s ideology, Akira Nagai didn’t hesitate to join hands. This was more than a chance to promote SATRI Circuit’s worth to the world. For Akira Nagai, it was a good opportunity to share with the world what he always believed in. The idea that only a precision in the audio circuit could truly deliver the purity of music. This partnership also granted Akira Nagai’s lifelong endeavor to leave a legacy that bore his philosophy when the time came for his retirement.
Bakoon Brand Story 2
<Bakoon's First Major International Exhibition at High End 2013, Munich, Germany.>
 Bakoon International and Bakoon Products’ products are different. Though they share the same core SATRI Circuit technology, the method of approach for product planning and development differs. Akira Nagai puts forth his craftsmanship in manufacturing his products. On the other hand, Bakoon International takes on a more progressive approach. Working with a diverse group of professionals to develop and expand, they work to bring the SATRI Circuit artistry closer to the worldwide audiophiles. Through vigorous research and development, Bakoon International succeeded in creating a new sound that parallels the qualifications of high-end products while preserving the original core technology. Bakoon International’s meticulous effort to manufacture a polished design with an exceptionally high quality finish brings up its class alongside other distinguished high-end brands.
Bakoon Brand Story 3
<Soo In Chae of Bakoon International and Michael Hollesen of Klut Desgin at Highend Massan 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.>
 The AMP-31 that launched in 2009 as Bakoon International’s first product, demonstrates how this company took a different turn from Bakoon Products. The amplifier was soon recognized for its user- friendly design and its performance that could deliver even the most delicate nuances of music. Along the many recognitions, the product was awarded by Italy’s top audio magazine ‘Fedelta Del Suono’ for “Product of the Year.” The production was followed up by a renewed AMP-11R which provided an exclusive external power supply for further sophistication. It was then succeeded by the AMP-12R which was awarded the prestigious “Blue Moon Award” by ‘6moons’ and also the ‘Best Product’ by the Polish magazine ‘High Fidelity.’ The international market praised the essence of Bakoon International’s engineering philosophy and its products. The company continued to attract attention for its elegant design and superb sound at popular international audio shows such as the ‘Rocky Mountain Audio Fest’ in the U.S. Bakoon International was also acknowledged at the ‘Munich High End’ in Germany, the arena of competition for the world’s leading audio systems.
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<Bakoon AMP-51R and Wilson Audio Sasha 2 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015, Colorado, USA.>


The Troika of Bakoon International
 There are three key players to Bakoon International’s success. Based on the groundwork for product planning by Soo In Chae, he works together with Akira Nagai and Bakoon International’s Director of Engineering Keng Koe Ho to develop the company’s products. All three members have long shared their passion for music and audio products. Combined, they also have decades of engineering knowledge and experience between them.

Bakoon Brand Story 5
<Soo In Chae and Keng Koe Ho of Bakoon International.>
 Centralizing around the SATRI Circuit, Akira Nagai brings out the fundamental sound of the product. Keng Koe Ho has worked at Sony and Toshiba, developing state-of-the-art measuring instruments and control systems. With his background, Keng Koe Ho incorporates advanced technology into Akira Nagai’s core technology to achieve the proper product expansion and development. Soo In Chae who has also worked in the nano metrology system industry, is responsible for the products’ mechanical engineering based on a meticulous design concept. In such a way, Bakoon International’s products seek perfection through these prolific engineering knowledges.
 From the beginning, Akira Nagai’s philosophy was for an audio to be able to play music as it perfectly is; music which holds the most precise and accurate sound source. This is where the Troika of Bakoon who all worked in precision engineering, stand strong in their common ground: ‘An audio developed to the highest precision to reproduce music in its exact and purest form.’ Along with Bakoon International’s distinguished clean cut exterior product design, the interior is also packed together with precision engineering.
Bakoon Brand Story 6
<Bakoon AMP-51R Prototype Development in its R&D office at Kagoshima, Japan.>
Bakoon International Challenges the Future
 Bakoon International has proved new planes of possibilities through integrating state-of-the-art technology with the SATRI Circuit. Based on this progress, the company recently made a bold move; establishing a R&D center in Kagoshima, Japan and also a local corporation in Silicon Valley, USA. Bakoon International has proved its possibilities, Now with a new line of products centralized around the flagship amplifier AMP-51R, the company has sailed the ship for a new challenge. Bakoon’s long-standing dream of the future has just begun.

* The original article is translated and editied by Bakoon Internatioal Corp.